Pearland MLKCC Fundraising

The Pearland MLK Celebration Committee is a 501(c)(3) corporation that is organizing its first annual MLK events that will commemorate the life and legacy of the civil rights icon.  This "Celebration of Unity" will serve as a foundation upon which we will promote the individual value and potential of all people as a means to eliminate poverty, racism, and violence everywhere.  To that end, our efforts, rooted in Dr. King's dream and vision, are predicated on empowering a new generation of powerful, positive, social change agents. 

We endeavor in this unity celebration to encourage people to go beyond simple appreciation of the tenets of love and mutual cooperation that Dr. King espoused and instead, actively live and advocate for those philosophies so that together, we can create a more harmonious, equitable, and prosperous world.  Please join us in sponsoring the Pearland MLKCC Holiday events.  We need and appreciate your financial support, as well as in-kind donations of products or services, which are tax-deductible according to current IRS guidelines.